Fil thermocouple type N, NiCrSil-NiSil

Type N, NiCrSil-NiSil thermocouple is a very common thermocouple junction. Type N, NiCrSil-NiSil shares the same accuracy and temperature range as the type K, NiCr-Ni, but type N is more stable. The temperature range of type N, NiCrSil-NiSil thermocouples is -270°C ..+1260°C.

Thermocouple wire type N, NiCrSil-NiSil at Kamet:

  • is available in diameters ranging from 0.20mm to 3.20mm
  • is provided in EN 60584 Class 1
  • is supplied with a 3.1 certificate and a calibration certificate
  • is supplied with positive and negative leg
  • is an excellent choice for inert and oxidizing environments of 1000-1200°C
  • should not be used in sulfurous environments

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